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     If you have been charged with a crime or are being questioned by law enforcement, it is very important that you consult with an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible. Criminal charges are better handled by a skilled attorney who understands the legal process.

     Lynchburg's criminal defense attorney Carlos A. Hutcherson has provided legal advice and defense to many clients. He is an experienced criminal defense attorney representing clients who have been charged with offenses in municipal courts, magistrates' courts and the state courts of Virginia.  Some of these charges may include:



                       Drug Charges  ●  DUI/Drunk Driving Charges  ●  Sexual Abuse Charges  ●  Robbery and Theft Charges


                                                          Criminal Domestic Violence  ●  Larceny Charges    



     Personal injury law falls under the area of law which is called torts. A personal injury case can arise from an automobile accident, a slip or trip and fall, a defective product, or any other type of situation in which a person is injured due to the negligence of another.

     If you are injured as a result of another person’s negligence, you may have a cause of action against that person. If, for example, you are injured when another driver runs a red light, you would have a negligence case against the other driver.

     Oftentimes folks have difficulty in trying to resolve their case with the other driver’s insurance company; as a result, they have to contact a lawyer to help them resolve their case. A person is entitled to certain damages when injured. Reimbursement for medical bills and lost wages are actual damages which a person is allowed to recover. Other actual damages a person is entitled to are pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and any permanent injury. 
     Hutcherson Law, PLC has helped clients in some of the following areas:
   Motor Vehicle Accidents ●  Premises Liability  ●  Animal Bites/Attacks  ●  Product Liability
Injuries To Minors  ●  Wrongful Dea
     Every person who is injured on the job will eventually be faced with a decision of whether he or she should hire an attorney to assist in the workers' compensation case. An injured worker should consult with a workers' compensation lawyer to ensure that he or she receive maximum compensation and the best medical treatment available.  Hutcherson Law, PLC will not only help you to legitimize your injuries, but we will also fight for future medical care benefits.  If a settlement cannot be reached, we will present your case in a way that invites a judge to order benefits for future medical treatment.
     Hutcherson Law, PLC offers strong representation for individual and business clients in civil actions. Civil law matters may range from contract issues, to property and real estate disputes, to personal injury cases.  Whether you are defending a lawsuit or prosecuting a civil wrong, we are ready to provide sound legal advice and represent you in these matters and more.


     As a litigation attorney, we take the time to get to know you and your case at the outset so that we may effectively serve you and protect your interests every step of the way. As our client, we partner with you and hold your interests as our own.  Our civil law attorneys explore all means of resolving disputes, including negotiation and mediation. By its nature, litigation can be both time consuming and expensive. We understand that minimizing expense is important, and we will pursue your goals as efficiently as possible. We identify the root issues involved in the case, and implement effective pre-litigation strategies to successfully resolve the matter before trial.


     The hallmark of our trial practice is thorough analysis and case preparation. Our accomplished and driven litigation attorneys develop strategies to account for any outcome. When litigation is the best and only way to achieve your goals, Hutcherson Law, PLC is fully prepared to go to trial with the best possible representation.



     We understand the frustration and difficulties surrounding divorce and separation. Our representation provides you with guidance and support throughout this transitional period of your life to help you feel safe and secure. Our knowledgeable lawyers work exclusively in the area of family law, assisting men and women, plaintiffs and defendants.
     Legal issues regarding divorce and separation can be very complex and difficult to understand, especially for those at the center of the conflict. Several issues and concerns can arise, ranging from divorce and separation agreements to child support and alimony, and child custody and visitation matters. This Lynchburg firm has vast knowledge and familiarity with the entire process based on experience with the multitude of issues that can arise. We focus on all aspects of the process, including:
       Divorce and Separation   Child Support and Alimony    Child Custody and Visitation    Guardian Ad Litem Services


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